sun dining table:

Hand made dining table made using a combination of traditional modern materials. The apron and drawers are made using traditional cabinet making techniques and we combine this with some nice stainless steel legs and a hard wearing long lasting Corian top. The table may appear light and delicate but it is made to be used.

What is Corian? The surface is created to last a lifetime and take the general wear and tear of everyday life. It is a man made material and comes in a range of colours. The top sits on a solid walnut frame. Within this frame are two drawers at each end. Each drawer is lined in white leather.The legs of this table are made from stainless steel and are hand polished to a mirror finish. Unlike chrome, the finish will last forever.

Dimensions: 1500mm long, 900mm wide, 750mm high.

Like the table? Wrong size? Wrong material? Just drop us a mail and we can sort it for you.

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